Supporting You to Live the Life You Choose

Supported Living is defined as persons with disabilities living where and with whom they want, for as long as they want, with the ongoing support needed to sustain that choice.

GRS has a portfolio of 'supported living schemes' and a team of experienced staff providing 24/7 support

The Genesis Pathway

Sustaining Independence

Supported Living has made available a wider range of housing options for people who want to live in more diverse or individual forms of accommodation than residential care, sheltered housing or even extra care schemes can offer. It can enable some people to remain in their own homes, perhaps places with which they have become familiar and indeed owned over many years. In this respect it achieves very much the same objectives as any other domiciliary care, and the difference seems only in the name.

  • GRS complies with the standards of service required to achieve the outcomes required for all schemes
  • GRS demonstrates particular sensitivity to people who are likely to be acutely vulnerable and to have changing needs
  • GRS respects the fact that the accommodation in which individual live consists of their own homes, whether these are single dwellings or grouped into a scheme
  • GRS responds to the need for individuals to receive domiciliary care on a more or less continuous basis by paying particular attention to the continuity of the service and communication between frontline workers
  • GRS is prepared to adapt the nature or the scope of the individuals changing needs
  • GRS encourages individuals to participate in local community activities and to exercise their rights as citizens.
  • GRS adheres to the set of principles that are defined in the Reach Standards in Supported Living.
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