Making a Difference

Best estimates say that about 10% of the UK population have a significant physical disability in any one year.

A physical disability can be temporary, short-term or long term. Some conditions may go into remission; others may come and go with no particular pattern, or there may be gradual deterioration.

At GRS we are passionate about designing specialist support to suit each person's unique requirements.

We understand how much people value their independence, so we have developed a bespoke program of services tailored specifically for the individual, regardless of any disabilities.

The Genesis Pathway

Embracing Independence

GRS provides an environment which is comfortable and safe, to minimise interventions and to maximise opportunities which are suitable to the capabilities and aspirations of each individual. Our teams work closely with each person, developing individual support plans designed specifically to meet their future goals and ambitions.

  • GRS offer flexible services, tailored specifically to fit the individual needs
  • GRS can provide support in a range of different settings:
    • At home with visiting care and support
    • At home with live in care and support
    • Residential homes
    • Supported living
    • Further Education Facilities
    • Respite
    • Holidays
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