Our Specialty is You

GRS provides individual support plans which aim to provide the people we assist with Learning Disabilities more choice in sustaining independence.

We have numerous services across South Wales with a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting people who have a dual diagnosis of mental health or challenging needs associated with their learning disability.

Highly skilled and experienced staff will enable individuals to make choices, develop skills and abilities to perform functional and meaningful activities, increase autonomy and self-determination, build a network of personal relationships and make a valued contribution, with whatever assistance is required.

Our services are provided in a sensitive manner in accordance with the needs, choice and aspirations of each person. We work closely with individuals, their families and other professionals to ensure that individual needs are met.

The Genesis Pathway

Making it Happen

GRS applies the principles of person-centred support planning, and our policy on sustaining independence, through:

  • Personal Care And Appearance
  • Nutritional Care
  • Financial Support And Correspondence
  • Recreational Requirements
  • Respite Support
  • Physical and Emotional Well-Being
  • Socialising and Personal Relationships
  • Daily Living Skills And Involvement In Domestic Tasks
  • Vocation And Occupation Support
  • Education
  • Activities And Interests
  • Spiritual And Cultural
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Our Policy

GRS is committed to promoting the rights and interests of people with learning disabilities in line with the national policies on "Valuing People".

GRS considers that it is always important to challenge the general perceptions of learning-disabled people as being "different" from other people and the stereotypes and prejudices that accompany such perceptions.


  • Applies the "Valuing People" and ordinary living principles
  • Is aware of the importance of safeguarding vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation
  • Is clear about the means by which individuals' needs and goals are assessed and addressed and about their own contributions to the process
  • Is receptive to and make full use of the supervision, support and training opportunities to work more effectively with the people whom they are employed to help and support
  • Adopts services, facilities and resources needed to support people with learning disabilities achieve their goals.
  • Adheres to the National Minimum Standards for Domiciliary Care Agencies in Wales, published in accordance with the The Domiciliary Care Agencies (Wales) Regulations 2004 and the Care Standards Act 2000
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