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GRS has developed in-depth knowledge of dementia and all aspects of related care.

Our team has in excess of 25 years' experience of delivering excellence in care.

We ensure that our staff are competent to address the needs of the individuals. This includes being well informed about dementia and the care strategies and practices needed to achieve a good quality of life for people with dementia.

The Genesis Pathway

To us its personal

The number of people with some form of dementia is increasing and will increase further as people live longer. Social policies are encouraging people with different disabilities to remain at home with support for as long as possible. This means that as provider, GRS are likely to have an important role in their care. People with dementia will often have other illnesses and conditions, which result in their needs being complex. Each person with dementia always requires a skilled individual approach.

  • GRS follows the principles of person-centred support in assessing and addressing the needs of its users with dementia.
  • GRS also see the person with dementia as a whole person, and not just someone who has a label of dementia attached to them.
  • GRS' policies on equality and diversity apply to its users with dementia as they do to all others. People are not to be excluded from any aspect of the service provision as defined in our statement of purpose because they have been assessed as having dementia in addition to other needs.
  • GRS requires its staff to treat people with dementia with respect at all times and to value their dignity.
  • GRS works closely with family, friends and professional in assessing and addressing the needs of the person with dementia.
  • GRS also recognises that people with dementia have a right to express their wants and wishes and to take their own decisions according to their capacity to do so.
  • GRS complies with the provisions of the mental capacity act 2005 in respect of the decision taking required by or on behalf of anyone with dementia.
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