Embrace Differences

Support provided by GRS is defined by our organisational philosophy and an understanding of how each person's autism uniquely impacts on their lives. This perspective governs our staff approaches and flows through our support activities

All our services are person-centred and focused on achieving outcomes for the people that we support.

Our expectation is that people with autism can learn and develop and we support this process every single day. We will create unique services for people to enable them to have ownership of their own lives and future.

The Genesis Pathway

Change the Outcome

It is estimated that there are between 400,000 and 500,000 people, about 1% of the population with some form of autism.

People with autism will need to have access to a range of health and social care services, which will include some domiciliary care services. Some might need physical help with their activities of daily living, though this kind of support will usually not result from the autism, but from other conditions and disabilities.

  • GRS applies the "Valuing People" and ordinary living principles to their work with people with autism
  • GRS is aware of the importance of safeguarding adults with autism at risk from abuse and exploitation
  • GRS is clear about the means by which the needs of service users with autism are assessed and addressed and about their own contributions to the process
  • GRS understands the principles of person-centred care planning in relation to individual with autism, which also draws on our current knowledge and practice guidance on autism
  • GRS is receptive to and make full use of the supervision, support and training opportunities that help us to work more effectively with any people with autism whom they are employed to help and support
  • GRS expands its knowledge and develops the relevant skills in line with roles and responsibilities for supporting people with autism
  • GRS is aware of the services, facilities and resources needed to support people with autism and to be able to work with other professionals and agencies
  • GRS is committed to promoting the rights and interests of people with learning disabilities in line with the national policies on Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives: The Strategy for Adults with Autism (Department of Health 2010)
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