Happy Anniversary in Johnstown

It only seems like yesterday that we were arranging for prospective Tenants to come and visit.

The first four young people through the door, including Rachel, Amy and Sophie made up their minds there and then that this was going to be their new home.
On the 28th July last year we opened. The house was a hive of activity that first week and the warmth and energy has continued ever since. The staff have encouraged and enabled Sophie, Rachel and Amy to develop their cooking skills. Amy loves to bake and makes a delicious chocolate cake which Amy has shared with the neighbours.
All three tenants have made steady progress in achieving goals they set for the first year. Rachel volunteers at Carmarthenshire Peoples First and at The Coleshill Centre in Llanelli. Sophie has learnt new skills at her work placement as a sales assistant in Lush a accessories shop in Carmarthen town centre and Amy is volunteering at the after school club at Queen Elizabeth High School.
We are starting this next year with a big welcome to Amber who moved in on 13th June. Amber is looking forward to going on holiday to Butlins with her house mates at the beginning of September and they are even forward planning to have a holiday in Spain next summer.

Article Date: 7 August 2015

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